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Frequently Asked Questions


Unlimited.  You can create as many campaigns as you want. You can also create unlimited popup and full screen calls to action.

TD Pages credits can be used to

(a) purchase premium Call-to-Action templates from our template marketplace, and…
(b) rebrand and personalise TD Pages’ “Growth Hacks”.

Pro accounts have unlimited credits.

Standard accounts have 10 credits.

Credits can also be purchased in packs of 10 and 25 inside the TD Pages app.

TD Pages is a great solution for internet marketers and anyone looking to grow their business using online marketing.

If you want to grow your email subscribers, boost your conversions and make more sales, then TD Pages is a great choice for you.

If you have more questions about how to use TD Pages, just reach out to our support staff once you’ve signed up – they’ll be happy to give you some more specific ideas about how TD Pages can help you.

Our Growth Hacks are simple, actionable ways to generate more leads and increase sales across all your marketing channels.

All these methods are:

✅   Proven-to-work: Whether you’re looking to grow your email list, or boost your conversions – each Growth Hack is proven to deliver results

✅   Easy-to-implement: Each method comes complete with a step-by-step implementation guide and ready-to-use templates

✅   Fast-acting: Each Growth Hack can be popped into any of your existing funnels, to instantly amplify your results…

We accept all major debit and credit cards.  All payments are processed via

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We count an interaction each time a visitor sees one of your campaigns. This may loosely translate to page impressions however we won’t count an interaction unless your campaign is triggered.

For example, if you have a popup set to show up after 15 seconds and the visitor stays on your page for just for 10 seconds, then the popup will not be shown to this visitor and no interaction will be counted.

If you reach your account”s interactions limit in any given month, you campaigns will be paused until the start of the next month, at which point the interaction counter resets to zero.

Your account dashboard will always show the number of interactions remaining for the current period so you’ll have plenty of notice to upgrade if it looks like you’ll run out.

This is a tough question.

Some customers have seen conversion rates of up to 70%.

It depends on a number of factors such as your offer, your industry, amount and quality of your visitors.

We do, however, offer plenty of training to help you increase conversions.

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